Digital Competence Review

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Digital Competence Review
by Kirsty Gemmell - Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 10:59 AM

As you may know, CLD Standards Council is undertaking a review to ensure that digital skills, knowledge and competence is embedded and visible across our Competent Practitioner Framework.  In his announcement on CLD Digital Investment funding in December 2021, Jamie Hepburn MSP identified this work as one of the priorities to be addressed through the funding.

Digital upskilling of CLD practitioners has been highlighted by stakeholders as being a priority need. Working with Scotland’s Communities 2018, a workforce analysis of CLD in Scotland, reported that digital skills were one of the most common development needs of the workforce and the skills that employers most often struggle to find when recruiting staff. 

Stakeholders report that the pandemic has further highlighted the need for digital upskilling. Feedback on the consultation draft of the Adult Learning Strategy shows that the sector views an emphasis on enhancing practitioners’ digital capabilities as integral to delivering positive outcomes in a post COVID-19 learning landscape.

We're holding a series of focus groups for practitioners in March - there are 5 to choose from and you can register on the Eventbrite link below..  Please do come along and share your views.

CLD Digital Competence Review - Practitioner Focus Groups Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite