• Context

    In today's fast changing working environment, everyone must be prepared to continually add to their skills, whether it be formally, through a learning programme, or informally, through experience and knowledge building. In a profession which is centred on learning and development, encouraging a continuous learning ethos is even more critical. The benefits of CPD are as great for employers as they are to the practitioner so it is vital that employers play an active role in the development of their workforce.

    With a national CPD Strategy - A Learning Culture for the Community Learning and Development Sector in Scotland and a Framework i-develop in place, employers have been given both the focus and the tools to play their part in supporting developing professionals in the field of CLD. Just as an employee increases their productivity and value through their continued development, your organisation can improve its efficiency and effectiveness by supporting and nurturing the most valued asset - your staff.

    • Individuals will have the skills to react to a changing profession more readily,
    • Staff will be more adaptable, aiding diversification of opportunities,
    • Employees feel supported by their employers which improves both motivation and retention.