In this section we look at how vision and values relate to the CLD sector. In particular, why we should have a set of values and principles and the importance of ethical practice in professional life. We particularly focus on the values and principles as laid out in the CLD Competences. Given the nature of values and principles, and as a result of the feedback from the consultation exercise on the Standards Council's CPD Strategy, we are asking the practitioner as well as employers to provide the voice to the field on how these operate In Practice as well as providing Resource material to help develop your knowledge and understanding.

In January 2004 the Scottish Executive published guidance for Community Planning Partnerships which set out a framework for the promotion and development of community learning and development (CLD). Within that document there is a definition of CLD which is widely accepted by all major stakeholders in Scotland:

"Community learning and development (CLD) is learning and social development work with individuals and groups in their communities using a range of formal and informal methods".

In today's fast changing working environment, everyone must be prepared to continually add to their skills, whether it be formally, through a learning programme, or informally, through experience and knowledge building. In a profession which is centred on learning and development, encouraging a continuous learning ethos is even more critical. The benefits of CPD are as great for employers as they are to the practitioner so it is vital that employers play an active role in the development of their workforce.