Framework for Good Practice in Working with Volunteers in ESOL

The Framework for Good Practice in Working with Volunteers in ESOL is designed to support work with volunteers in ESOL around Scotland. We hope that this framework will be useful for volunteers and ESOL and volunteer coordinators as well as organisations that are planning to work with volunteers in the future.

These templates are editable PDF documents and can be filled in to reflect your own organisation. 

The following templates can be used for planning within your organisation as a whole:

  • Action Plan Discussion Template:  to be used in a team discussion to decide which good practice goals need to be addressed 
  • Action Plan Template: To decide which actions to take forward from the discussion
  • Impact/effort Matrix: To assess how effective discussed actions will be whilst considering the level of work that would be required to implement them
The following templates are divided into themes. Consider the good practice goals and challenge questions and give your organisation a score in each of these areas. These will form the basis of the discussions mentioned in the previous sections:

  • Theme 1: Volunteer Roles
  • Theme 2: Volunteer Recruitment and Selection
  • Theme 3: Induction and Initial Training 
  • Theme 4: Professional Learning and Development 
  • Theme 5: Coordination Support and Management 
  • Theme 6: Making a Difference to Learners
  • Theme 7: Making a Difference to Volunteers

You can find examples of how these templates can be used in organisations in the Worked Examples folder.