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    How to best support and encourage career progression amongst local authority CLD practitioners in Scotland?

    This dissertation was  submitted by Ross Martin in application for the Degree of MSc Community Education from the University of Dundee


    This research study explores attitudes towards career progression amongst CLD practitioners employed in local authorities within a defined area of Scotland, and makes recommendations on how to better support practitioners to plan for their career progression opportunities. The study is based on the results of a small number of degree qualified practitioners, and used both an online survey and in-person interviews with practitioners at the front-line of service delivery, as well as team and service managers, who are responsible for on-going staff development and support. In addition a Senior Manager, responsible for CLD delivery, planning and funding, but without a CLD qualification was also a participant in the research.

    The study suggests further areas of potential research that will be of interest and benefit to the CLD sector, and concludes with a set of recommendations for individual practitioners, employers and the sector at large to consider.