Submitting an application to become a Registered Member if you are an Associate

 If you are registered as an Associate member and have obtained a recognised qualification and the required 1 years full time equivalent experience, you can apply to become a registered member.  Following the steps below -

Steps to applying for Registered membership as an Associate –
  1. Download the usual application form document from the registration page 
  2. Complete the application form (saving onto your computer), including an up to date reference.
  3. Log in to i-develop as normal.
  4. Move your mouse over your name at the top right of the screen, a menu will drop down
  5. Move the mouse over Preferences, a sub-menu will appear at the side
  6. Click on 'My membership status'
  7. Select to apply to become a registered member
  8. Submit your completed application form and qualification evidence
** If you do not hold one of the recognised qualifications but have sufficient experience you may still be able to become a registered member of the CLD Standards Council through our Individual Recognition Process(IRP). The IRP route recognises experience and commitment and considers alternate qualifications.  Further information on the IRP process is available on the CLD Standards Council website.

Last modified: Friday, 24 September 2021, 1:12 PM