• Learn North / Northern Alliance Oct/Nov 23

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    Monday 30th October -
    Friday 3rd November


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    Gaelic Who’s who?

    Lead: Maeve McKinnon & partners

    Mon 30 Oct 1200-1300 Find out about the work of key partners.  Useful for all with a Gaelic Learning Plan or an interest in Gaelic!

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    Gender Balance Toolkit for CLD

    Education Scotland resource & professional learning

    Lead: Laura Starkey & Oonagh McGarry

    Education Scotland

    Mon 30 Oct 1430-1700 This toolkit aims to support self-evaluation in the CLD sector. Aligned to HGIOCLD? 4, the toolkit will be of particular interest to CLD leaders. Gender Balance Toolkit Session Booking

    Equalities & Diversity

    Lead:  Vikki Carpenter CLD Standards Council

    Tues 31 Oct 1830-2000 Join us to enquire about areas of equality, diversity and inclusion that practitioners would like to improve knowledge and practice, to enable learners to equitably engage with CLD opportunities? Does the CLD sector need new CPD opportunities to support equality, diversity and inclusion? During this session we will enquire and develop awareness on barriers to inclusion, as well as peer share skills and practice that can help overcome these barriers and promote good practice within CLD.

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    Health & Wellbeing

    Lead: Lada Copic Aberdeenshire Council

    Wed 1 Nov 1000 – 1100

    Sharing Community Development / Capacity Building.  Focusing on learners gaining SQA credits – MHW award level 4 and 5, sharing experiences and developments.

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    Introduction to the CLD Standards Council

    Lead Vikki Carpenter CLD Standards Council

    Wed 1 Nov 1830-1930 Find out what the CLD Standards Council does and how to become a member. Book Introduction to the CLD Standards Council

    Health Issues in the Community

    Lead: Kate Hendry

    Thurs 2 Nov 1000-1100

    Health Issues in the Community (HIIC) is a course that helps people understand what affects their health and the health of their communities. It's run by tutors across Scotland to support people to learn, but also take action on the issues important to them in an empowering and participative way.

    The course draws on the social model of health which views health and illness as having as much to do with economic and social factors as with individual behaviour.

    With community development at its core, the courses promote the values of equity and non-discrimination, and the idea that everyone should be able to have a say in decision-making processes that affect them and their communities.

     If you’d like to hear more about HIIC, how it works, the impact it has and even try out some exercises then come along to find out more.

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    Improving Racial Literacies

    Lead: Laura Starkey & 

    Oonagh McGarry

    Education Scotland

    Thurs 2 Nov 0930-1200

    A chance to explore some resources in relation to understanding racial literacy and anti-racist practice;

    An introduction to the Education Scotland: Improving racial literacy in CLD wakelet;

    A reflective space to consider your own knowledge in relation to racial literacy;

    An opportunity to consider how CLD provision may consider how race and ethnicity may impact on CLD learners and provision.

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    Journey to Youth Governance

    Lead: Jess Carlyle, OPEN, Shetland

    Thurs 2 Nov  1300-1400  

    The story of how a Youth Led organisation became a Youth Governed charitable organisation.

    Jess Carlyle, Organisation Development Lead, OPEN will share how they moved from being a youth led project at Voluntary Action Shetland to become an independent charity (SCIO) with a board of young trustees.

     Journey to Youth Governance Tickets, Thu 2 Nov 2023 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

    Embracing the ESOL CLD Learning offer in Aberdeenshire

    Lead: Caithleen Bel


    Thurs 2 Nov  1530 – 1645  

    Overview of ESOL delivery in Aberdeenshire, the history and present day.

    Finding the balance between ESOL and core literacies delivery.

    Professional Development and Standardisation.

    Wider Opportunities for staff & volunteers.


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    A partnership approach to funding

    Lead: tsiMORAY

    Abi Clarke, Third Sector Development Officer (Governance, Funding & Volunteering) and Elidh Brown, Partnership Development Lead, tsiMORAY.

    Fri 3 Nov  1000-1100  tsiMORAY share experiences of partnership working, with a focus on examples of distributing funds.

    This conversation will help inform your understanding of partnership working and collaboration.

    We'll be sharing tsiMORAY's experiences of partnership working, with a focus on examples of where we have worked in partnership to distribute funding.

    We'll be talking about what’s worked, what we’ve learned, the challenges and opportunities, the benefits of partnership working and new and different ways of collaborating.
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    Learn North Finale Quiz.


    Quiz master: Keith Anderson

    Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action
    Fri 3 Nov  


     Our partnership in the north was set up to improve CPD opportunities and combat rural isolation of CLD staff/volunteers.  Join us for a bit of fun to end the week!  Click here to join the meeting