• Role of colleges Report

    Role of Colleges in Improving Career Pathway for CLD Practitioners.

    In June 2020 the CLD Standards Council (CLDSC) published a ‘Review of Career Pathways in Community Learning and Development (CLD)’.  This looked at the extent to which pathway/s already exist and how can they be more effective/efficient.  

    In Autumn 2020, following discussions with Community Learning colleagues within the College Development Network (CDN), CLDSC convened a Planning Group to develop, support and promote college-based Professional Learning Opportunities for CLD Practitioners across adult learning, community development and youth work.

    In early 2021 CLDSC worked with colleagues from the FE sector to host a series of discussions on the ‘Role of Colleges in Improving Career Pathway for CLD Practitioners’.  This report has been produced which provides a record of each session.  It is also intended to act as a reference document for taking forward the ideas, issues and solutions discussed.