• Online renewal

    Members will be contacted with a request to renew by email.   
    Please note you cannot renew until you are invited to do so.

    You can renew online or using a provided renewal application form which will be included with the email.

    Steps to renew online once you have been contacted to do so -

    1. Log in to i-develop as normal.

    2. Go to the Registration renewal link sent to you on the renewal email.

    If you are not able to access the registration renewal page then the account you are using is not activated for Registration.  You may have another account, using the email address that the notification was sent to you on, that has your registration on it. 

    Please contact CLD Standards Council - contact@cldstandardscouncil.org.uk  to resolve the problem.

    3. Follow the link  and steps on that page to renew your application.

    You will be asked to update your personal details - including various permissions

    You will be then asked  to enter your registration renewal information and confirm commitments, or request deferral