• Introduction

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    The CLD Standards Council Scotland (CLDSC) has been granted a contract from Skills Development Scotland to carry out the following: 

    • A review of the Community Development National Occupational Standards (NOS) - last reviewed in 2015
    • A review of the Family Learning NOS - last reviewed in 2013
    • Creation of a new suite of NOS for Adult Learning

    NOS specify the standards of performance individuals must achieve in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding required for roles, for most employment sectors.  

    As these standards are applicable across the United Kingdom, the CLDSC will be working with a range of national and local organisations from England, Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales. 

    The review is scheduled for completion by March 2023.  The consultation process will comprise the following phases and methods: 

    1. Focus Group meetings of sector representatives in each UK nation taking place in October/November 2022.
    2. Online survey  - This will take account of initial feedback from the Focus Groups and will be available for completion during January 2023.

    We are therefore seeking views on whether the current standards are fit for purpose or whether they require to be amended.  Please click on the relevant tab for more detailed information.