• Context

    What is Learning for Sustainability?


    Whilst it’s important to remember that part of this work is about climate change and protecting the environment, it’s also about;

    • Building communities we are happy to live in;
    • Ensuring our children grow up to be responsible citizens in a fair and equitable society and
    • Working to ensure the wellbeing of all Scotland's people.

    Learning for Sustainability has a key role in building the values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and confidence that people need to live more sustainable lives and contribute to sustainability - locally, nationally and globally. This means learning through taking collective action on socially relevant social and environmental issues in ways that are inclusive, participative and build strong values and relationships within communities.

    The following word cloud depicts various aspects underpinning the concept of Learning for Sustainability and demonstrates many clear links to CLD.


    Visit the Education Scotland summary page to access further information, resources and exemplification relating to learning for sustainability.