• Introduction

    This area is being supported and developed by Maggie Paterson on behalf of the CLD Standards Council.

    My name is Maggie Paterson and I am volunteering with the CLD Standards Council (CLDSC) to encourage  CLD volunteers to become members by raising awareness of what CLDSC already offers volunteers and exploring how this can be developed and improved.

    We know from "working with Scotland's Communities - CLD Workforce Survey 2015" that at least 40,000 CLD volunteers across Scotland are helping adult learners get back into work, supporting newcomers to our country to learn English, building the confidence of community members to make a difference in their neighbourhoods, changing the lives of young people through youth work activities and much more.

    The aim of this project is to support them to be confident CLD practitioners, making sure they have the opportunities we all need to develop our skills and practice. Adding this theme dedicated to supporting volunteers forms part of that support. The theme is designed to be used by CLD volunteers themselves as well as those who deploy them.

    Many thanks to those volunteers who have met with me and shared their ideas and experiences. Many thanks also to those deploying volunteers who have contributed materials and resources. 

    The theme will always be a work in progress and I am looking for more opportunities to meet with CLD volunteers to ensure that CLDSC is doing all that it can to support them.  Any invitations to meet volunteers, contributions and comments (including updates and corrections!} are welcome either through the discussion forum or by e-mailing Contact@CLDStandardsCouncil.org.uk.