• If you are looking for an overview of the key strands in the development of CLD in the 21st century so far, you have arrived in the right place.

    Influencing Change: CLD in Scotland, 2001-2015 brings together the key policy and guidance documents across all aspects of CLD, combined with original introductory material charting the development of the profession through a period of dramatic change and a selection of critical comment, research and case studies. It provides a broad chronological outline, highlighting the ways in which the story of CLD is an integral part of wider social, political and economic developments, together with an exploration of key aspects and themes.

    The CLD Standards Council has taken the lead in producing this reader, working with partners from across the field and from academic institutions. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and expertise. The editor of Community Learning and Development: The Making of an Empowering Profession, Charlie McConnell, has been involved throughout and the new book takes up the story told by that earlier one. In fact, Influencing Change was originally planned as a new edition of The Making of an Empowering Profession, but the pace of development over the period since 2001, and the wealth of material generated as a result led to the creation of a separate companion volume.

    Among the drivers for change has been the explosion in the development and use of digital technologies. The new book is a digital publication, which means the scope is there to add to it progressively.

    We are looking to Influencing Change to be a focus for debate and dialogue, drawing on our past experiences to help shape the future of CLD. We hope you will join in this.