3.3 How many hours of professional learning do I need to do / What is an “appropriate” amount

From July 2019 the minimum number of hours of professional learning you must undertake per year is pro rata based on the average number of hours of CLD work you undertake per week: -

If you work full-time (normally 35 per week) across the year then you are required to have undertaken a minimum of 35 hours professional learning per year.  This equates to 105 hours over a three year period.

For those working less than full-time the minimum professional learning and development required is pro rata to the ‘average hours worked per week’ i.e. someone working 15 hours per week would be required to demonstrate 15 hours professional learning and development per year x 3 years = 45 hours. By way of further illustration a member volunteering 6 hours per week would be required to show a minimum of 6 x 3 = 18 hours over the three-year re-registration period.

This requirement applies to all categories of membership.

Registration renewal is being introduced in July 2019. If you registered before that date and are renewing before July 2022, we will accept your confirmation that you have done a sufficient amount of Professional learning to maintain the quality of your practice.

Last modified: Friday, 21 June 2019, 2:46 PM