2.3 What is expected of a referee

The role of the referee is crucial to the credibility of the Community Learning and Development Standards Council for Scotland as a representative professional organisation.  Referees will be asked to confirm that they have read and understood the values, principles, competences, code of ethics and commitment to CPD as described in the requirements for registration. They will be asked to confirm that the applicant meets the requirements and is a suitable person to be a Member of this professional body.

They are also asked to notify the CLD Standards Council if they become aware that the applicant has failed to adhere to one or more of the requirements for registration.

The Standards Council expects that referees will exercise their professional judgement in relation to applicants’ suitability and be prepared, where necessary, to recommend to applicants additional CPD or practice prior to gaining their approval, or to decline to act as referee for the application for membership.

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