Artifical Intelligence Strategy - Participants needed

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Artifical Intelligence Strategy - Participants needed
by Kevin Ditcham - Thursday, 4 June 2020, 4:58 PM

Hi everyone, 

The Democratic Society are working with The Data Lab to plan and facilitate engagement workshops for individuals and families around Scotland. 

Participation is paid, and we are particularly looking for people from the following: 

  • Non-white women 
  • People living rurally - Highlands and Islands, Scottish Borders specifically
  • Older age group (over 55) 
  • People with high-school level qualifications. 

More info is below... 

As part of our public engagement work on Scotland's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy, we are running some upcoming online workshops on AI starting in June. I was wondering if you could put this out to your networks to help us get the word out. 

Here is a bit of information about what we're doing: 

To help shape the Scotland's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy, we want to hear from a range of voices across Scotland, to discuss the impact of AI on life in Scotland in the future and what people's vision for AI in Scotland looks like.  

During June, 2020 we will be holding small group online workshops to consider and discuss AI and its impact on life in Scotland. Each will have 3-4 people. Whether you're at home right now as a family (whatever counts as family to you) or an individual and interested in having a chat about AI with others in a small group. 

You don't need to know a thing about AI beforehand, just be willing to get involved and you will also receive a cash gift to thank you for your participation. 

Interested? You just need to complete the expression of interest form available here for your chance to participate:  

We also have some activity packs and quizzes on AI available for young people and children to get involved with, here is some more information:  

Scotland's future lies with children and young people and we believe it is fundamental to include their voices in creating a better awareness for what AI is and shaping AI's future in Scotland. We have some fun activity learning packs and quizzes on AI available for children and young people to get involved in AI in Scotland available here: 

We would appreciate you sharing this information with communities, learners, groups, families and individuals you might be working with. If you have an organisational or work social media account, you may also wish to use some of the sample tweets below... 

@DemsocScotland are holding small digital workshops in June to discuss the impact of AI in Scotland. No previous knowledge of AI is required! Find out more and register your interest today! 
@ScotAIStrategy #ScotAIStrategy @DataLabScotland

Children and young people can get involved in Scotland's AI Strategy by completing fun online activity packs and quizzes on AI here: 
@ScotAIStrategy #ScotAIStrategy #ScotAIStrategySchools @DataLabScotland

@ScotAIStrategy are looking for your thoughts on AI in the future of Scotland! You can get involved by registering interest to upcoming online workshops or completing fun quizzes on AI here: 
 #ScotAIStrategy  @DataLabScotland