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by Kirsty Gemmell - Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 3:48 PM

Volunteers give so much to ESOL learners throughout Scotland.  CLDSC is working with Glasgow ESOL Forum and a group of volunteer coordinators from across Scotland to develop a National  Framework of Good Practice in Working with Volunteers in ESOL.  

We'd like your opinions on what makes a good volunteering placement, specifically in working with ESOL learners. 


Give us your views by completing this survey:


The purpose of the Framework will be to support projects working with volunteers with examples of good practice so that they can ensure a positive volunteering experience for your, and therefore a positive learning experience for the ESOL learners you support.  

We also hope that the framework will also highlight the great work volunteers do in supporting ESOL learners.  

We want to hear your views if 

  • you are a volunteer that works with ESOL learners around English language development/practice
  • you volunteer to coordinate this
  • you have recently volunteered doing either of these
  • you volunteer for one or more organisation
  • you volunteer independently of an organisation

Grab a cuppa, think about the time you have given and your experience you have had. Let us know what you think.