Funding for CLD volunteers

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Funding for CLD volunteers
by Maggie Paterson - Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 3:16 PM

A new section has been created within the volunteers theme on idevelop.  It is hoped that this will generate discussion and sharing of practice in respect of attracting funding for projects and initiatives supported by CLD volunteers.  Two documents have been uploaded to date.  Please share any materials, your experiences and practice.

Volunteering for All: national framework           Scottish Government April 2019

While this framework addresses all forms of volunteering it very much coheres with and affirms CLD values and approaches.    There would be value in reviewing your policy and procedures and approaches to assess the extent to which they reflect the outcomes it sets out to achieve, as well as making sure applications for funding for volunteers reflect the outcomes of the framework that:

·        Volunteering and participation is valued, supported and enabled from the earliest possible age and throughout life.

·        Volunteering in all its forms is integrated and recognised in our lives through national and local policy.

·        There is an environment and culture which celebrates volunteers and volunteering and all of its benefits.

·        The places and spaces where we volunteer are developed, supported and sustained.

·        There are diverse, quality and inclusive opportunities for everyone to get involved and stay involved.

Of particular interest to those applying for funding for CLD volunteers, is the acknowledgement that funders can  ‘influence the nature of activities available, by building our volunteering principles into funding criteria and by supporting infrastructure and ‘core’ costs as well as frontline impacts’.   Funders are asked to adopt the principles of Volunteering for All by building them into funding criteria and encouraging applicants to cover costs in proposals. 

Invest for Success: The real value of volunteering                   Scottish Government 2018

Written by a sub-group of the Scottish Volunteering Forum, this guide for funders, fundraisers and volunteer-involving organisations sets out to maximise volunteer involvement.  This is essential reading for anyone applying for funding for activities undertaken by volunteers.

The guide reviews the benefits of volunteering for individuals and communities and identifies key ‘asks’ for funders and bidders when preparing and completing funding applications.  Advice to bidders covers things like:

·        Include detailed plans and budgets for involving volunteers in bids or tenders, even if you are not asked for this information.

·        Don’t be tempted to include volunteering as an ‘added value’ or ‘no cost’ part of your bid. This is unsustainable in the long run.