Scottish Parliament Inquiry into Social Prescribing

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Scottish Parliament Inquiry into Social Prescribing
by Colin Ross - Tuesday, 6 August 2019, 2:24 PM

Are you involved in supporting "social prescribing"?

The Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee "has decided to undertake a short inquiry to consider social prescribing's ability to tackle physical and mental wellbeing issues across Scotland."

The inquiry is open until 30 August - details and how to respond here - 

The UK-wide Social Prescribing Network says that through social prescribing, people are supported "to co-produce their 'social prescription' so that people with social, emotional or practical needs are empowered to find solutions which will improve their health and wellbeing, often using services provided by the voluntary and community sector. It is an innovative and growing movement, with the potential to reduce the financial burden on the NHS and particularly on primary care.")