SQA Award in Volunteering Skills

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SQA Award in Volunteering Skills
by Ruth Martin - Monday, 22 May 2017, 2:29 PM


We would like to deliver this qualification - does anyone have any experience of doing this? Do you have any helpful hints and tips - or things to avoid doing? We thought about Levels 3 & 5.

Thanks for any info,


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Re: SQA Award in Volunteering Skills
by Craig Green - Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 7:44 AM

Hi Ruth

We had a little difficulty with the unit 'preparing to volunteer' when working with people who'd already volunteered

Glasgow Kelvin College developed its Community Achievement Awards framework (outline attached) in response to the challenge of supporting volunteers engaged in community activities and they're available to partners to deliver in liaison with us.  The Awards serve as an accredited support and supervision framework for volunteers at levels 5 and 6 (and at level 4 support development of participants lacking in confidence to volunteer).  While developed for adults, they can also be used to support young people aged 12+

Newbattle Abbey College's Adult Achievement Awards can also be used to accredit the learning which arises from volunteering




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Re: SQA Award in Volunteering Skills
by Mark Frith - Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 9:50 AM

Hi Ruth

Apologies for late reply. It took me a bit of time to scroll down all the other forum posts to see yours, so you may not be interested now.

We have delivered the VSA levels 3-5 initially to offer our adult learning volunteers some sort of recognition for completing their informal, non-accredited training. The rationale was to try and bring the Adult Team into line with the Literacies and Youth Work Teams that have relevant qualifications attached to their training programmes.

I found it a bit messy in that there seemed to be a lot of duplication and tasks that seemed the same across the units. Without putting a damper on it, it really isn't suited to volunteer tutoring. I ended up bolting on the training to the VSA to try and make it relevant. It encourages volunteers to explore volunteering opportunities, which could lead to a higher drop-out of new volunteers.

Saying all that, the volunteers found it rewarding. They enjoyed staying together as a group for that bit longer to complete the award. I have mapped evidence across units to minimise duplication and cross referenced evidence.

Our Youth Team have made a success of it in their Senior Phase programme. They have developed resources for young people to work through it to achieve their VSA with embedded Personal Development Awards at SCQF Level 3. They've continued to develop this with adding a number of other units hopefully without requiring the young people to do any additional work.

Happy to share resources and put you in touch with youth.