• Welcome

    The members of CLD Standards Council organise informal meet-ups roughly ever month to discuss topics of interest and share knowledge and experience. 

    The meet-ups are currently held on Zoom and notification of topic and registration link is sent out in the Members weekly newsletter.

    There is also a Slack group workspace. Slack is essentially a chat room and we can organise different channels for group discussions, share information, files, and more.  The Slack app can be downloaded onto a tablet or phone.  If you’re a member and are interested in joining the Slack workspace, email contact@cldstandardscouncil.org.uk and we’ll send you the workspace invite!

    The other tabs of this space are where we publish some of the resources or useful information from the meet-ups.  These are member only, so you will need to log in. If you are unable to access them after logging in then please contact us at contact@cldstandardscouncil.org.uk and we will sort that out for you.