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How we use CLD Competences

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Re: How we use CLD Competences
by hazel lindsay - Thursday, 31 December 2015, 11:28 AM

Hi Sue/Kevin

Glad to see others are also looking at putting the competencies to good use. I've had discussions with the Standards Council in the past to look at a way of leveling the competencies so that staff can map their learning journeys across the competencies and through the levels.I currently match any training that I deliver to at least one key competence so that staff are aware of their own development. I have just put together a short discussion session around the new Community Empowerment ACT. In the Powerpoint presentation after the learning outcomes for the session I've added a slide illustrating why staff should know about this and linked it to two competencies "Facilitate & Promote Community Empowerment" & "Develop & Support Collaborative Working". I also highlight on our CPD calendar which key competencies are being met within the training. I'm still seeking ideas to make more meaningful use of the competencies so happy to be involved in any discussions that come up.  


Hazel Lindsay - Workforce Development Senior, west Dunbartonshire Council