3.11 My Professional learning has not been verified

From May 2019 all new members were asked to ensure they have a verifier for their professional learning.

Registration renewal is being introduced in May 2019. If you registered before that date and are renewing before May 2022 and have not recorded and reviewed your professional learning up until now then you should identify a person to verify your professional learning and carry out a Professional Learning Review taking a reflective/retrospective view over the last 3 years with respect to professional learning and development.  This reflective process should draw from whatever evidence there has been to date with respect to professional learning and development activity over the last 3 years.  This will satisfy the requirements of registration renewal .  This review will also be your initial starting point in the professional learning cycle.  The outcome of the review will also feed in to setting professional learning goals for the next 3 years with a view to taking a more systematic approach in subsequent cycles going through the 4 quadrants of the model. 

If you are unable to identify a verifier please contact the CLD Standards Council for advice and support.

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 April 2019, 5:35 PM