3.10 What does the mentor / verifier need to do

The mentor / verifier has an essential supporting role in the Professional Learning and Development process.

In terms of responsibilities they need to

  • Have an understanding of the CLD Professional Standards covering  the CLD Values, Code of Ethics and Competent Practitioner framework;
  • Be available as agreed between themselves and the reviewee with respect to meeting to discuss, monitor and review progress around professional learning goals;
  • Carry out with their reviewee the 3 yearly Professional Learning Review in line with CLD Standards Council requirements, procedures and guidance and verify that the reviewee has been engaged in satisfactory Professional Learning and Development over the registration period.

The mentor and verifier can be the same person, typically your manager. However if your context does not support this you can split the role to have a mentor for ongoing progression monitoring and review, and a separate verifier who will carry out the 3 yearly Professional learning review and verification. In this situation it is essential that clear records of progression monitoring and review are kept and provided to the verifier.

You can find information on the knowledge and skill set required in the literature on mentoring and coaching on the website.

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