3.7 How do I record my professional learning and development

The CLD Standards council provides documents for recording PL Goals, PL activities and review.  You will find these on the CLD Standards Council Website - http://cldstandardscouncil.org.uk/cpd/pld_review_process/template_forms/

You can use these if you wish. However the specific mechanism for keeping the record of your professional learning and development is not prescribed. What is important is that your Professional learning and development is planned, carried out and reviewed and that you keep records of this.

Your employer may have standards and systems for recording professional learning that you already have to use. If this is the case you will likely NOT need to record any additional details about your PL activity. However some employers systems may focus on activities undertaken and do not necessarily cover goals and review discussions, so you may still need to keep an additional record of your goals and review discussions.  These can be kept simply as documents or stored emails.

CLD Standards Council is intending to provide an online service in i-develop to allow members to record the PL. It will not be mandatory to use the forms or system provided by CLD Standards Council.

You may also be ionterested in note 3.6 on What is evidence of professional learning and development for details of what should be recorded.

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