2.2 Who can be my referee

Your referee needs to be someone –

  • Who has a sufficient up to date knowledge of your working practice to be able to verify your commitment to the requirements for registration.


  • Has a good understanding of community learning and development and in particular of the values and principles, the competences, and  code of ethics.

This can be –

  • Your line manager
  • CLD Course tutor if you are a student
  • A colleague who is a CLD Standards Council Member
  • A member of your Management Committee/ Management Board
  • A colleague from a partner organisation
  • Your Head of Service
  • Your Chief Executive Officer

This is meant to be an indicative rather than an exhaustive list, if in doubt please contact the Registration Development Officer.

It is the applicants responsibility to identify a referee and obtain their agreement to act as referee under the terms of the CLD Standards Council registration referee requirements.

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