1 Categories of registration

The Register is open to all CLD practitioners who demonstrate the values, principles, competences, Code of Ethics and commitment to continuing professional learning  that underpin the sector, with two types of membership, based on qualifications and experience:

Registered members

  • Practitioners with a Standards Council recognised qualification* AND two years verified practice in a community learning and development setting

Registered associate members

Full-time, part-time and voluntary practitioners in community learning and development including:

  • Practitioners who have recently completed an approved professional qualification but have still to gain two years verified practice, or
  • Students undertaking an approved professional qualification, or
  • Practitioners with a qualification below degree level, or
  • Practitioners with qualifications in other disciplines

If you do not have a recognised qualification you may still be able to become a registered member of the CLD Standards Council through our Individual Recognition Process (IRP). The IRP route recognises experience and commitment and considers alternate qualifications.

For more information on the Individual recognition process please see the website - http://cldstandardscouncil.org.uk/registration/individual-recognition-process/

* Information on recognised qualifications can be found on the website - http://cldstandardscouncil.org.uk/registration/recognised-qualifications/

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