The Coaching Approach Development Programme

In September 2011, Angus Council, Dundee Council, Fife Council and Perth and Kinross Council submitted a joint CPD proposal to Education Scotland, which had four inter-linked strands:

  • developing learning cultures,
  • developing leadership capacity,
  • supporting the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence,
  • empowering communities.

The partners had identified effective leadership as being essential at all levels in CLD – from strategic managers to learning practitioners – and felt that the ability to utilise appropriate coaching techniques would enhance their effectiveness as leaders. Coaching is an activity which has learning at its heart that supports individual, team and organisational development by focusing on outcomes and outputs and empowering staff at all levels.

In their commissioning specification for prospective training providers they stated; “People need to be encouraged and supported to take the initiative and implement solutions. Sharing and devolving responsibility for development and change releases potential across organisations and makes the most effective use of the skills, talents and experiences of the whole staff group.”

Michelle Armstrong, Director of Acorn Principle Plus and course tutor, explained:

“The Coaching Approach Development Programme is underpinned by the principle of Self-Determined Learning and the Self Assessment process was developed out of an amalgamation of the Competency Frameworks of CLD and the Association for Coaching. This provides an excellent platform from which to develop competence in coaching and other interpersonal skills as well as making conscious mindset changes. The core purpose in coaching is to raise self awareness and develop personal responsibility so, again, completely relevant for continuous professional development purposes with the added value of enhancing existing community learning and development practice.”

The Coaching Approach Development Programme course outline and further videos are available below.

CADP Course outline

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