How do you bring CLD competenicies to life?

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How do you bring CLD competenicies to life?
by Christopher Livingstone - Sunday, 26 August 2018, 9:24 PM

My name is Christopher Livingstone. 

I am studying at the UWS ( University of the West of Scotland) on the BA (Honours) in Community Education course based in Hamilton. What it is, for my own learning and development, I would like to generate a conversation on the nature of CLD competencies,  and how they come to life in community settings. I would appreciate feedback and comments relating to how current practitioners in the field use CLD competences, and how they work to enhance practice on a day by day basis, when it comes to getting to know community groups and how you build and maintain relationships, to how you manage resources and how you evaluate?. What is it you do to bring CLD competences to life?

I would like to possible arrange a time to meet with individuals across Glasgow in to discuss this or to possibly observe community groups in action? 

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