Workforce Development Plan

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Workforce Development Plan
by Robert Wilson - Thursday, 23 August 2018, 10:18 PM

It was of interest to read Alona Murray’s posting on the developments of workforce development plans as a key proiority of the new and up and coming CLD Local Authorities plan submission for  September 2018 to Scottish Government. Nothing has been mentioned or information passed down to practitioners that I am aware of within North Lanarkshire. Albeit we are in the middle of a reconfiguration of CLD at present. 

On a quick glance of the plan, I am hearten to see that it is a key aspect of Local Authorities CLD plans for the next three years. My only question, how do we offer the same level of training and development to our sessional staff. 

I welcome further news and progress on these workforce plans andd thank my fellow professionals for making this important area become higher priority.