Research into Adult Reading

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Research into Adult Reading
by Kirsty Gemmell - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 4:44 PM

Dr Sam Duncan (University College London), is doing funded research into adult reading and wants to collect data from across the whole of the UK. She has been quite successful so far in terms of responses in the south east of England but would like to gather data from elsewhere in the UK. Please see info below and click the links to participate:

What do you read every day?

Why, where and how? 

RABiT is an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project aiming to discover more about everyday adult reading. We are interested in everything and anything you read, at any time and in any language. 

We are particularly interested in when adults may choose to read something out loud (murmuring, whispering, chanting or shouting…) rather than in silence.

We are trying to reach as many different people across Britain as possible, from all different cultural, faith and linguistic backgrounds. Please help us by sharing your experiences in this questionnaire. It will probably take between 20 and 30 minutes. Many thanks! 

RABiT Survey

RABiT Fersiwn Gymraeg (Welsh language version)

Project webpage


We want to find out more about the kinds of reading adults across Britain do every day. Please join in by sharing your experiences and helping us create a picture of what, why and how adults across Britain read in 2017. Many thanks! 

RABiT Survey