Year of Young People 2018 Ambassador Programme

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Year of Young People 2018 Ambassador Programme
by Kevin Ditcham - Friday, 12 May 2017, 3:02 PM

Hey folks! 

I'm really keen that we reach as many young people as possible to let them know that Children in Scotland, SYP and Young Scot are on the hunt for Ambassadors (aged 8-26) for the Year of Young People 2018. 

As you've maybe heard, next year is another of the Scottish Government's programme of themed years, and it's all centered around how incredible our young people are!

I'm attaching a social media pack - and would appreciate it if you could try to get the images on your social channels. You can also order as many posters and leaflets as you need here

There will also be a fund for young people to apply to directly, called Create18, to run events in their local communities. Grants for up to £1000 will be available! Keep an eye on #YOYP2018 and for all the latest news! 

Also feel free to email me directly -