Information if you are looking for a Buddy

What is a CLDSC Buddy?

A CLDSC Buddy is someone to chat to about …

  • your CLD practice and help you think through things
  • where you are now in your career and where you would like to be
  • an area of CLD work or project which is new to you
  • daft questions you don’t want to ask anyone else

A CLDSC Buddy is NOT someone 

  • to offload your problems to
  • who will replace your line manager 
  • who will give you direction and advice

The idea for CLDSC Buddies came from a group of members as part the ‘fresher-legacy’ discussions.  This group has also led on the idea of informal ‘meet-ups’ and was behind the very successful virtual meet ups which have been occurring monthly since May 2020.  The basic concept is to create an informal mechanism for experienced members to provide support to newer members particularly those working in contexts where this kind of assistance is not readily available.

It may be possible to meet in person in the future but for the moment these INFORMAL chats will be virtual – connecting by phone or social media – such as SLACK, TWITTER and i-develop

Although this is member-led and very informal, it is important to set some ground rules.  The Competent Practitioner Framework describes a competent and critically reflective practitioner, the attributes, the values and principles of CLD, the 7 competences and the Code of Ethics under which CLDSC members operate.  These bring both rights and responsibilities.  In the context of a buddying relationship these would include the right to a safe space to share practice and the responsibility to challenge practice.

CLDSC has also agreed that this should be launched initially as a pilot with mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation in place.  

What do I need to do to get matched with a CLDSC Buddy?

If you decide that this is something you want to pursue, please complete and return the this form -

which asks you a little bit about who you are and the areas/topics you want to chat about.  When we receive your information, we will match you with one of our volunteer Buddies.

The CLD Buddy process

As indicated above,  we are trying to keep this process as informal as possible,  but we do have to put certain safeguards in place and because it is a pilot we want to get some feedback about how the process is working.   There are three aspects to this.

1 Buddy Agreement

At your first meeting with your Buddy, you will agree your preferred medium for communication, when and how frequently you will meet, the focus of your meetings etc.  This will be added to the agreement pro forma 

Download: Buddy Agreement.  

This agreement sets the parameters of the Buddy relationship from the outset and can be reviewed and amended as your partnership progresses.

2 Confidentiality

Once you have been matched to a Buddy, CLDSC will only keep a record of the number of members requesting to be matched.  Your Buddy will keep an anonymised records of their discussions with you, detailing the frequency and duration of contact as well as the topic(s) addressed.

3 Feedback and review

Depending on the duration of the Buddying relationship either at the end or at some point agreed with you, you will be asked for feedback on your experience directly to CLDSC, returning an anonymised pro forma.

At the same time your Buddy will be asked to provide anonymised feedback to CLDSC on their experience as a CLD Buddy.  This will inform the future development of the initiatives.  

CLDSC would welcome any ideas about how to promote and develop this concept.  Please get in touch through

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