Community, Learning and Development Competencies

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Community, Learning and Development Competencies
by Christopher Livingstone - Wednesday, 22 August 2018, 12:19 PM

Hi all,

My name is Christopher Livingstone. 

I am studying at the UWS ( University of the West of Scotland) on the BA (Honours) in Community Education course based in Hamilton. What it is, for my own learning and development, I would like to generate a conversation on the nature of CLD competencies,  and how they come to life in community settings, contexts and various environments. I would appreciate feedback and comments relating to how current practitioners in the field use them, and how they work to enhance practice on a day by day basis, when it comes to getting to know community groups and how you build and maintain relationships, I would like to possible arrange a time to meet with individuals across Glasgow in to discuss this or to possibly observe community groups in action? 

Here is my email address:

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Kind regards