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Steve Skinner: Capacity Building

A series of films based on a capacity building seminar held in March 2013 hosted by Falkirk Council.

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Book: Steve Skinner: Capacity Building
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Date: Sunday, 29 March 2020, 11:21 PM

1 The context of community capacity building

The following films are based on a seminar on capacity building held in March 2013 hosted by Falkirk Council. The seminar was designed and delivered by Steve Skinner, a specialist in capacity building working in Scotland and across the UK The extracts in the films are based on presentations made during the seminar; the day itself included participative activities, work in pairs and groups, practical handouts and lively debate.

2 Community engagement

3 Building skills and building organisations

4 Building involvement and building equality

5 Planning community capacity building

6 Leadership in community capacity building